Does CBD oil have side effects?

side effects of CBD

Many people nowadays turn to CBD to help with a whole range of symptoms they might experience. Although governments and laws in some countries still have to overcome reservations, cannabidiol is currently conquering the globe. Few and far between people encounter adverse side effects when taking CBD oil. Today, we want to take a closer look at what to expect in that regard. Before we can dive deeper into the possible side effects of CBD, we need to lay some groundwork.

CBD is a natural substance derived from the female hemp plant. CBD is chemically similar to THC, which also stems from hemp, but is not psychoactive. That means that CBD does not cause a “high” in people. THC is illegal in Hong Kong and many other countries, therefore the SWISS FX product range is THC-free.

Hemp and thus CBD has been known for its benefits for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptian scriptures and Chinese medical scrolls mention hemp as a means against a range of symptoms.

What are some of the uses of CBD products and oils?

According to reports, it can alleviate pain and acts as an anticonvulsant due to its ability to inhibit inflammation. Moreover, CBD oil or other ingestible CBD products are also great for people who suffer from anxiety as well as panic attacks. Furthermore, it can help to unwind and sleep better. There are many people who use it to treat acne or prevent wrinkles and aging of the skin, especially in South Korea and Japan. It is also known that CBD can help with some severe forms of epilepsy and other medical conditions. There are even numerous reports of CBD helping pets with various ailments.

CBD is commonly sold as an oil which is swallowed. It is also popular to vape CBD oil. This is mostly done by a so-called vape-pen which electrically vaporizes the oil, allowing you to inhale the vape. Other forms to take in CBD are eating/drinking (CBD-infused food or beverages) or topical use as a cream.

What are CBD side effects?

There are mainly four categories of CBD side effects. Those are drowsiness, low blood pressure, dry mouth, and diarrhea. Let us have a closer look at each of these effects.


The relaxing properties of CBD can lead to deep relaxation of the mind and better sleep. This is one of the reasons why many people take CBD oil, so it can be seen as a side effect as well as a benefit. In any case, you should keep the relaxing properties in mind and not drive or operate machines when you ingest any CBD product, especially if CBD relaxes you deeply.

Low blood pressure

Scientific studies show that CBD has cardiovascular benefits and can lower blood pressure. This advantage can be a disadvantage or side effect for people who already have low blood pressure.

Dry mouth

In forums on the internet, you can find some reports from users who encounter a dry mouth as a side effect after the consumption of edible CBD products such as oils or capsules. The reason for this may be that CBD lowers the body’s production of saliva. Scientists are still investigating this effect.


If users report diarrhea when taking CBD, they are usually simply taking too much. Some people also have a sensitive digestive system and cannot tolerate CBD oil. In these cases, it is recommended to stick to a lower dosage and change to another form of intake (vaping, for example).

What causes CBD side effects?

Firstly, keep in mind that every person’s body is a bit different. Therefore, CBD can have different effects on one body while the next is completely unaffected. That is the case with most supplements. It may also be important what you ate that day, what other medication you are on, and many other factors.

The occurrence of side effects can also be based on taking the wrong dosage, especially too much. Stick to expert advice on how to find the right dosage and give your body time to adapt to the substance.

An important factor is also the CBD product you are taking. Cheaply made offerings may contain unwanted substances that can cause side effects. It is therefore best to stick to vendors you trust and who have a track record of delivering top CBD products with laboratory analyses for every product batch. It is better to invest a bit more time researching your CBD product and your specific use-case in order to enjoy it free from side effects.