Finding the right CBD Dosage

CBD Dosage Guidelines

How much are you supposed to take? Don’t worry, we got you covered. In this article, we will show you exactly how to use your CBD product and how to find the right dosage. 

Firstly, please keep in mind that every person is different and has a different body. Of course, there are women and men and different weight classes. Age also may play a role as well as the extent to which your body is accustomed to CBD. The amount also depends on the reason why you are using CBD. Moreover, the concentration of CBD in your product must be factored in, too.

So, there is a lot to consider. Isn’t there a simpler method, everyone can use without having a scientific staff? Fortunately, there is one, as you will find out below.

CBD Dosage Guidelines

As a baseline, measure your body weight. Science indicates that a dosage of CBD should be around 1 – 6 mg CBD per 11 pounds (5 kg) of body weight.

To clarify, let us look at some examples: 

  1. If you weigh 58 kg you should take (rounded) 12 – 70 mg of CBD per day.
  1. Should your body weight be around 70 kg you may take 14 – 84 mg CBD per day.

For example, if you are using a CBD oil with 15% CBD concentration in a 10ml bottle (1500 mg CBD in total), each drop contains around 6 mg CBD. Therefore: 

  1. If you weigh 58 kg and should take 12 – 70 mg you may take 2 – 12 drops of your oil. 
  1. Should your weight be around 70 kg and a dosage of 14 – 84 mg is recommended, you may take 2.5 – 14 drops of your oil (of course you can also choose a stronger oil to take fewer drops).

For your convenience, there is a CBD calculator which you can find here.

Beginner CBD Dosage 

Once you know your baseline, start at the lower end and see what happens. Is the effect you wanted palpable? If so, great, you may stay at that dose or try if a slight increase even improves the effects.

If not, increase your dosage a little on the next day and see what happens. Does the effect manifest itself or not? If so, advance as above. If no, keep raising the dosage further up to the maximum recommended limit above.

That way you are slowly but safely getting towards your personal sweet spot.

In case of doubt, always talk to your doctor, of course.

How much CBD does it have? 

  1. CBD oil

First, have a look at the label of the bottle. A good product should state how much CBD it contains. If the label does not tell you how much CBD a drop contains you can calculate it yourself. Just divide the amount of CBD by the number of milliliters of liquid in the bottle. Then you have the amount of CBD (mg) per milliliter (ml). Normal CBD bottles come with a pipette in the bottle cap. Such a pipette usually can take 1 ml. With this, you can then calculate the amount of CBD per pipette taken. 

  1. CBD vaporizer

Vape pens nowadays use so-called pods. Calculate the amount of CBD a pod contains (if not stated on the package). Do as above: CBD amount divided by milliliters in the tank. 

How to choose the right CBD product?

To be sure about the dosage it is of utmost importance that you can trust the company which makes your CBD product. Only that way you can be sure that the product contains the stated amount of CBD. Moreover, you do not want your product to contain any unwanted substances, for example, THC which is illegal in Hong Kong and many other places in Asia. This substance is also derived from hemp and psychoactive, which means it will intoxicate you and create a high.

Normally, in good CBD products, the THC is filtered until it is so low that it is not a risk anymore or completely removed. Cheaply made products from dubious vendors may not be filtered well and still contain considerable amounts of THC. This could land you in trouble with the law if a drug test is made on you and yields a positive result. Moreover, the hemp could be contaminated by heavy metals and pesticides.

Therefore, it is best to stick to CBD products from vendors with a good track record that publish laboratory analyses for every product batch.