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At SWISS FX, we believe that the only the highest quality CBD oil should be sold to consumers worldwide. That’s why we proudly provide our selection of exceptional CBD oil products for our Hong Kong customers.

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What is CBD Oil?

Where Should I Buy CBD Oil in Hong Kong?

For the past few years, consumers have been able to buy CBD oil in Hong Kong. In many parts of the world, including North America and Europe, full-spectrum CBD is legal – however, Hong Kong CBD oil is only legal in its isolated form. This is because full-spectrum CBD often contains minor amounts of THC and other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

Getting the best CBD oil in Hong Kong is all about placing your trust in the right manufacturer. At SWISSFX, we’ve carefully crafted our lab-certified CBD products to ensure the highest possible quality of flavor and efficacy. Plus, we guarantee our CBD isolate products contain zero traces of THC, making them totally legal for your purchase and benefit.

How CBD Works?

Every cannabinoid produces a variety of effects in the body by interact with our cannabinoid receptors. In the cannabis plant, the cannabinoids found are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). These receptors form a portion of the endocannabinoid system, which is still being extensively studied.

The first type of cannabinoid receptor, the CB1 receptor, is present throughout the body, but especially in the brain. These receptors are partially responsible for pain, appetite, movement, thoughts, memories, emotions, mood, and more.

The second type of cannabinoid receptor, the CB2 receptor, is more prevalent in the body’s immune system. These receptors are particularly responsible for pain and inflammation.

While THC attaches to these cannabinoid receptors in place of naturally occurring cannabinoids, CBD helps to instead stimulate the receptors and encourage the body to produce its own cannabinoids, known as endocannabinoids. In doing so, CBD is able to influence those receptors and lead to a myriad of potential health benefits.

The Effects of CBD Oil

Ways to Use CBD Oil

CBD Rubs and Balms
Looking to better target your sore muscles and joints? Tons of CBD oil consumers love applying their products topically through rubs and balms, usually blended with something like beeswax or coconut oil.

Balms and rubs are concentrated products, so many users prefer them for treating pain. One of the biggest benefits of using CBD oil this way is that it’ll keep your skin moisturized and smelling great!

CBD Capsules and Tinctures
In order to get the perfect dose of CBD into your body to experience the potential health benefits of CBD as soon as possible, you may want to take it in a more accurate fashion. One of the original methods for taking CBD and arguably still the most accurate, many people enjoy taking CBD oil in capsules and tinctures. By putting the right amount into a capsule or using a dropper, you can deliver the exact amount you wish to your body, either by swallowing it or holding it directly under your tongue.

When using a tincture, you’ll get the advantage of rapidly delivered cannabinoids, which cangive quicker benefits than with a capsule.

CBD Vape Pens
As the vaping industry continues to evolve and cross numerous legal and medical hurdles, they’ve begun to embrace CBD as one of the most popular substances to vape. However, you cannot simply fill up your vape’s tank with CBD oil – instead, it should be mixed with an e-juice like propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. Then, you’ll be able to experience the calming effects of CBD oil quickly and conveniently every time you hit your vape.

CBD Edibles
For those who need a more discreet way to try CBD, you’ll find a huge number of edibles infused with CBD, like gummies, mints, chocolates, truffles, and more. Just like with THC edibles, though, it may take a little longer for CBD edibles to fully kick in and deliver the benefits you’re looking for. CBD edibles are some of the most popular methods for consuming CBD for good reason – they cater to specific tastes, and CBD makes for a fun upgrade to your favorite treats.


What is the best way to consume CBD oil?
This is completely up to you since the preferred method for consuming CBD oil varies from person to person. You may find that you enjoy the earthy, herbal taste of CBD oil tinctures placed below your tongue. Or, you may want to mask its flavor with other foods or beverages. Either way, the most important thing is how quickly you want to experience the effects of CBD – edibles take longer, while tinctures work faster and so on.

We recommend you take your time with CBD and find out which method of consumption works best for you and your needs.

How long does it take to experience the benefits of CBD oil?
Depending on your specific needs, you may experience the benefits of CBD oil quickly after taking it. Conversely, it could take several doses taken at the same amount over a period of days. Research teams are always working to discover the true benefits of CBD and the appropriate ways to take it to maximize the effects of those benefits. For now, you can try it for yourself and see how long it takes for CBD to work for your needs.

Do I need to keep my CBD oil products refrigerated?
In most cases, CBD oil should not be kept refrigerated. It keeps just fine for a long period of time in pantries and cupboards, or even in a bedside table drawer. The idea is to keep it in a dark place that’s cool, but not too cool.

How do I know the right dose of CBD oil for my needs?
While the recommended starting dose for CBD is quite low (5mg-20mg per day), each person finds they have different tolerance and need thresholds. After you start taking it, you can try adjusting the total dose of CBD you take each day. Whether that means increasing or decreasing the amount is up to you. If you are concerned about taking too much CBD, a 2011 study published in Current Drug Safety found that a “toxic” dose of CBD was around 20,000mg of CBD taken all at once. For context, most tinctures rarely contain more than 1500mg in their entire bottle. At higher doses, CBD may also be just as ineffective as taking too little, so it’s important to find the “sweet spot” for your particular needs.

Will CBD oil keep me awake at night?
Some people feel more alert, or more focused when taking CBD, but this is not the norm. Studies have shown that in most cases, CBD causes the complete opposite. In fact, CBD oil is regularly used to treat insomnia. In other words, it will relax you and make you want to go to sleep as opposed to keeping you up all night.

What does CBD make you feel?
Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t create a wide range of new sensations. Instead, CBD is most commonly used to reduce feelings caused by other substances, illnesses, injuries, or disorders. You will not feel high when taking CBD oil – especially because the CBD oil in Hong Kong that we offer is an isolate, with zero THC.

Most people taking CBD say that they feel calmer and more relaxed as a whole, allowing them to go on with their days as normal but without as much pain or anxiety.

How often should I take CBD oil?
At SWISS FX, we sell premium CBD Oil and recommend taking 5 drops once a day. Once you understand how this affects your body, you can determine if you would like to take it more times or less times each day depending on your specific needs. You should always contact your doctor if you have more questions about taking CBD.

What are the side effects of CBD oil?
CBD oil is often taken to reduce the side effects of other substances, especially THC. However, the compound is not without its own side effects. Studies have shown that while CBD is generally well tolerated by the majority of people, it can sometimes cause tiredness, diarrhea, fatigue, and change in appetite. If you have concerns about taking CBD, you should consult with your doctor before taking it.

What’s the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil?
While both CBD oil and hemp oil come from the hemp plant, they are not the same thing. CBD oil is derived from the buds, flowers, leaves, and stem of the cannabis plant. Hemp oil, on the other hand, is most likely hemp seed oil made from the seeds of Cannabis sativa, and is a product used in food production, skincare products, and cooking.

Is CBD oil legal in Hong Kong?
Yes, it is legal to purchase CBD oil in Hong Kong – as long as you only purchase CBD isolate. Full- spectrum CBD oil, which is found throughout North America and Europe, is still illegal in Hong Kong. Full-spectrum CBD oil usually contains less than 0.3mg of THC, and any amount of THC is illegal in Hong Kong.

Where can I buy the best CBD oil products in Hong Kong?
Right here! We’re happy to tell you you’ve come to the right place. At SWISS FX, we provide the highest quality CBD isolate oils, enabling you to purchase it without fear of violating any laws. For all your CBD oil needs, browse our online store – then, you can explore our website for more helpful information on our CBD products.

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